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Hike For Help

My name is Lhakpa Sherpa, and I have been successful and wish to pass on some of my good fortune to Sherpas in my homeland and enhance the environment in Nepal. In this regard I organize volunteer vacation (non-profit project), the Hike for Help. As an inaugural effort, I am leading group of people every year to Nepal for a cultural exchange project. The effort will combine a trek with the rebuilding of a historical trail, hiked by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Sherpa during the approach to their historic ascent of Mt. Everest in 1953. Importantly, resurrection of the old trail will significantly improve transportation and mobility in the economically important Khumbu region of Nepal.


2 thoughts on “Hike For Help

  1. Hello Lhakpa! I’m a cycling friend of Jennifer Grimaldi. We met at your fundraiser a couple years ago now? At that time you talked about leading another trip. I want to go to Nepal this year. Just curious if you had any trips in the works.

    1. Hi Ellan, thank you, we are going in December of this year. we can talk more at the sherpa house soon.

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